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Want to switch off this bank holiday? - Tamar Telecommunications

28th April 2017

Want to switch off this bank holiday?

Want to switch off this Bank Holiday?

Switch off knowing our Holiday Settings feature is keeping your customers informed and in contact.

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Time for you, time for family

Bank holidays are a great chance to take a timeout for a lot of businesses. Whether you’re spending some quality time with the family or just putting your feet up at home, the last thing you need are business calls interrupting continuously.

Our holiday settings allow you to set up dates when your calls go to a custom voicemail letting the customer know your business is closed. Customers can then choose to leave a message or call back when business is open as usual.

Alternatively, if you are part of a team, you could use your Holiday Settings to divert all your calls to a colleague whilst you are away. Your calls would automatically divert back to your phone when you return to work.

We appreciate that everyone needs a time out occasionally. That’s why we include our Holiday Settings feature free to all Tamar Telecommunications customers.

Here are a few examples of how our Holiday Settings feature could help you.

Amy’s Cakes

Amy has been making cakes for all occasions for over 5 years now. She has quite the portfolio!
This year Amy decided she is going to close on bank holidays, allowing her a few breaks in the year to get away.

Amy knew about our Holiday Settings feature but was unsure about setting it up effectively for her first year. After a quick call to our customer service team Amy was all set up and knew how to easily adjust any settings when she liked.

Holiday Settings already has an option to tick all bank holidays for the year, all Amy had to do was decide what her voicemail was going to say. It really is as easy as that.

Any business calls Amy receives on bank holidays are now automatically diverted to a voicemail box that informs the caller her business is closed for the holiday. Customers are then given the option to leave a message or to call back when business is open as usual. Simple.

Real Plumbing Co.

Jack is a self-employed plumber who is about to go on holiday for a week. Jack has set up his holiday settings so when he leaves, his calls will be answered by a voicemail which explains when he will be available for work. Customers can then leave a message which Jack can pick up when he returns from his trip. Jacks voicemail is also set up to inform his customers of an emergency number they can call should they need to contact someone urgently.

This is great for Jack as he can switch off for the holiday knowing his customers are kept informed and he can pick up the work when he’s back. He also has the peace of mind he won’t be letting any customers down by providing an emergency number should they need a plumber urgently.

Relax, it’s all taken care of.

Holidays Settings do exactly what they say on the tin. They offer businesses a chance to put the phone down for a break, giving you peace of mind that customers are still able to get through to your business and are kept informed.

Call to action.

There are lots of ways you can use Holiday Settings to assist your business, visit our dedicated page for more information.

As a Tamar Telecommunications customer, you have 24/7 access to your control panel to change these settings, and many more, when you like.

If you would like any assistance or prefer us to set it all up for you, you can call our customer service team on 0800 772 0000 Monday to Friday between 9am-5:30pm. Our team are always happy to help.


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