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Configuring 'Holiday Settings' Close Minimise

If you would like a holiday greeting or voicemail message, you need to upload your audio file or record a new greeting using the 'record via telephone' button. This can be found on the greetings page.

Go to Greetings

Your holiday settings can use an existing voicemail box, or you can create a new one for your holiday dates.

Go to Voicemail

You now need to set up what will happen to your calls during the holiday period. This setup can be completely different to your normal settings. Don't forget to attach any holiday greetings and voicemail boxes.

Go to Huntgroups

It's time to let us know when your holiday period starts and ends. Don't forget to attach your hunt group, set up in step 3.

Go to Holiday Settings

Finally, select the telephone number(s) you would like to enable your holiday settings on. Under 'Holiday settings', select your holiday configuration (set up in step 4) from the dropdown list and then click 'Save Changes'.

Go to Telephone Numbers