Consultation on 0500 telephone numbers

Ofcom the communications regulator has today published a consultation on 0500 telephone numbers – a Freephone range which accounts for very low call volumes and is being used by a declining number of service providers.

Ofcom is proposing that 0500 Freephone numbers be withdrawn because, on balance, this would offer the greatest net benefit to consumers by reducing confusion and enhancing the clarity and simplicity of the Freephone system, thereby securing what appears to Ofcom to be best use of telephone numbers.

The consultation closes on 8 January 2013.

Tamar Telecommunications already provide Freephone numbers using the well established 0800 Freephone number range.

0800 Freephone numbers like 0500 Freephone numbers, are free to call from UK landlines and act as a great way to encourage sales enquiries or simply to offer great customer service by allowing customers to call businesses for free.

Further information on 0800 freephone numbers can be viewed here.