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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

9th June 2019

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A simple explanation of Virtual Phone Numbers, what they are, who they’re for and how to get one.

What is  Virtual Phone Number
Put simply, Virtual Phone Numbers are very similar to regular phone numbers. The key difference being Virtual Numbers aren’t tied down to a specific location or device, removing any physical limitations for businesses.

For example, if you have a Virtual Landline Number you could have that number diverted to your mobile phone. While customers call your local number, you can be anywhere in the country (with phone signal of course) and still receive the call to your mobile. The person calling you wouldn’t know the difference.

What are the benefits?

Virtual Phone Numbers are a huge benefit to business owners wanting a professional phone setup without the hefty price tag. These numbers cost as little as £4.99pm+VAT making them affordable for even the smallest of start-ups. By using a Virtual Phone Number, businesses can look like they have an office anywhere in the UK, showing they are established, professional and trustworthy.

Virtual Phone Numbers have the added benefit of being able to divert to multiple phones, perfect for growing businesses with more than one member of staff. For example, if there are three members of staff spread out over multiple locations, the call can come through to each of their phones and one of them can answer accordingly.

A huge benefit is the Call Statistics feature for each number. This shows you how many calls your business is getting and where they are coming from. See your busiest hours of the day and make informed decisions on staffing so opportunities are never missed. Trying out new advertising? No more wasted ad spend. The Call Statistics feature helps track your offline advertising, so you can see exactly how many calls that ad generated. Decide if it’s worth advertising again or perhaps allocating that budget elsewhere.

Other benefits include Welcome Announcements, Voicemail, Timed Call Diverts, Blacklist, Holiday Settings and much more. Worried about the costs adding up? These features are all included absolutely FREE with Virtual Phone Numbers from Tamar Telecommunications.

For businesses wanting to stand out from the crowd…

Getting a Virtual Phone Number is easy. You can choose your own number here and be set up within 1 working hour.

Simply choose a tariff, select any town or city in the UK and pick your perfect number. Tell us where you’d like the number diverted to, e.g. your mobile phones, landlines or both, then we’ll do the rest. We can help you tailor your number to suit your specific needs or you can use our app or Online Control Panel to manage your settings 24/7.

We also have 0800 numbers and 03 numbers if you want to give your business a national presence.

Simple, Efficient, Effective.

Virtual Phone Numbers

A simple, cost effective way for businesses to look professional, trustworthy and established. The added features make them flexible for growing businesses giving them options to divert to multiple staff. Don’t worry if your business moves, unlike fixed landlines your Virtual Phone Number can go with you, keeping a consistent, professional image.

If you have questions or would like help setting up, get in touch! Give our customer service team a call 0800 772 0000 between Mon – Fri, 9 – 5:30pm and they will be happy to help.

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