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Porting is the process of moving a telephone number from one network to another. This is comparable to moving your mobile number from one provider to another when you change contract or service.

If you have existing telephone numbers with other providers, we may be able to port your number onto our network, so we can provide our range of services on that existing number. The service provided with your current provider would be ceased as part of this process, so it is also a good way of consolidating your services with one provider, if you currently have different numbers/services with different providers.

If you are porting numbers which are currently provided on a landline/ISDN, the act of porting will cancel the existing telephone line, including broadband/ADSL which you might have on the line.

To port a number from another provider to us, please contact our customer service department, who will be able to take the specific details of your situation.

The minimum information we will require to be able to port a number to us:

  • A copy of a recent bill from your current provider (BT, Virgin Media, EE, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet or Vodafone)
  • Confirmation of the number(s) being provided by the current provider, and of which number(s) you wish to port to us
  • Preferred porting date (or ASAP)
  • Which of our services/packages do you want the number(s) putting onto once they have been ported.

We will ask for additional information regarding the services you currently have, for example:

  • Do you have broadband or an alarm system on the line?
  • Has the number previously been ported?
  • What service(s) does your current supplier provide, for example do you have any additional/advanced services, such as BT Remote Call Forwarding on the line?

Once we have gathered all of the required information together, including a copy of a recent bill from your current provider, we will send you a Letter of Authority for you to sign and return to us – this gives us the authority to port the number from your current provider to us, on your behalf.

Our porting-in charge is £25+VAT per number for geographic numbers starting 01 or 02 and £35+VAT per number for non-geographic numbers starting 03 or 08. The porting fee must be paid before we begin the porting process. Once a number has been ported, it will be subject to our rental and call charges dependent on which services/packages you have ordered.

Porting of geographic numbers (01/02) generally takes 2-3 weeks, and porting of non-geographic numbers typically can take 4-6 weeks. Our porting department will keep you updated by email on the progress of your order, advising you if for any reason there are problems or delays with it.

For further information on porting, please contact us via our contact us page.

Porting form

I understand that Kalnet4u Ltd will carry out a credit search prior to a number being connected.

When I submit this order, I attach my electronic signature to and agree to the Terms and Conditions for Tamar Telecommunications. I understand that if I do not agree to these terms of conditions, I should refrain from using Tamar Telecommunications.


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