0800 freephone numbers

0800 numbers are now free to call from both UK landlines and mobiles. Most competitors will charge a surcharge when someone calls your 0800 number from a mobile. As a Tamar Telecommunications customer this won’t affect you, as we’ve decided to absorb this cost!

0800 Freephone numbers are free to call from UK landlines and from UK mobiles. They act as a great way to encourage sales enquiries, giving your customer no reason not to pick up the phone. 0800 Numbers also offer great customer service by allowing your customers to call you for free.

Our 0800 Freephone numbers are provided with a FREE Control Panel & App to manage your number. You will also get free advanced services, like Timed Call Diverts and Voicemail. This enables you to change where your calls are diverted to instantly 24/7. You can tailor your number to suit your business needs.

To order your new 0800 freephone number, simply select a tariff from the table below, then pick your new number – it’s that simple!

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