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Hunt Groups

Hunt groups add great flexibility to your telephone number, allowing the following to take place:

Divert to Two or More Telephone Numbers.

Hunt groups can be set to try two or more numbers in several different ways.

For a small one person business, this could be as simple as trying the office landline first and then to try a mobile number second if the landline is not answered.

For businesses with several staff, it could be set to try each member of staff’s telephone numbers at the same time or one at a time in a particular order.

The hunting can be set to work in the following ways:

  • Hunt in-order – hunts between the entered numbers in order.
  • Simultaneous ring all – rings up to 10 active numbers at the same time.
  • Random hunt – hunts between the entered numbers randomly.
  • Last found – hunts between the numbers entered in the order of shortest time since last answered.
  • Most idle – hunts between the numbers entered in the order of longest time since last answered (like a call centre).
  • Rotary – hunts through the numbers entered but remembers who answered the previous call and starts with the next person.

Divert to Different Telephone Numbers Based on the Day and Time.

Hunt groups can be set to divert to different telephone numbers, based on the time and day of the week.

A plumber for example may want to have calls diverted to his office, where his admin worker can take his calls during office hours. However, as the plumber offers an out of hours emergency call out service, the hunt group can be set to divert calls outside of office hours directly to his mobile.

Divert Straight to Voicemail When Closed.

Hunt groups can also be set to divert calls to a landline/mobile number during office hours and straight to voicemail when closed.

This is ideal for many people who work from home. Anyone calling when the business is closed, would go straight to voicemail, without the household being disturbed by ringing phones.

The above are just a few commonly used examples of what hunt groups can do for your business. Our sales team can be contacted on 0800 772 0000 should you wish to discuss your requirements.



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