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New Blacklist feature enhancements for blocking calls

Tamar Telecommunications have today added two new enhancements to the existing Blacklist feature. The Blacklist feature allows businesses to block nuisance calls and is managed via the online control panel.

Previously the Blacklist feature would only allow up to 10 numbers to be blocked on the users online control panel. After user feedback, we have introduced the following new call blocking features.

The Blacklist feature now allows users to block calls from up to 50 numbers, as well as the ability to block international calls.

Up to 10 numbers can be blocked using the Blacklist feature for free. This limit can be increased up to 50 numbers for just £4.99 a month.

Full details on our Blacklist feature can be found on our Blacklist page.

If you already have telephone numbers from Tamar Telecommunications and would like help with blocking nuisance calls to your numbers, please contact us.

If you don’t already have any telephone numbers from Tamar Telecommunications, we are a provider of virtual telephone numbers. We can setup a virtual telephone number for any UK town or city dialling code. For example 0161 numbers for Manchester, 0207 London numbers, in fact any local area number.

To order a virtual telephone number, visit our geographic numbers page.