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Plymouth Charity Ghost Tour

Create your own Ghost Tour Experience this Hallowe’en and raise money for charity

This Hallowe’en two Plymouth businesses have been working on a novel way to help locals find the best haunted locations and raise money for charity at the same time.

Telecommunications provider, Tamar Telecommunications wanted to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity, following the death of their colleague, Paul Cupis who died from a brain tumour in June this year, aged just 32.

He would have been 33 on 13th October. Tamar Telecommunications set up “The Brain Tumour Charity Paul Cupis Fund” in his memory.

Working closely with local audio production company, Fresh Air Studios, they came up with an innovative way to raise money during this spooky time of the year…

Fresh Air Studios Managing Director, Paul Philpott, explains: “We wanted to help Tamar Telecommunications raise money and we thought that Hallowe’en would provide the perfect opportunity to do this and have fun at the same time. So our idea was to produce a set of ghost tour audio files that people could download and play – either at home, or as part of a ghost tour – maybe in the car when visiting specific haunted locations in Plymouth and Dartmoor.”

Tamar Telecommunications director, Kevin Christoforou, added: “We can’t say enough how grateful we are to Paul Philpott and his team at Fresh Air Studios. What better way to have fun at Hallowe’en and raise vital funds for research into brain tumours.“

Fresh Air Studios’ writer and producer, Martin Burgess-Moon researched locations and came up with the scripts for what he called the “Spook Nav”. They then brought on board local voice artist and former star of “The Bill”, Jon Iles to provide the spooky voice.

Martin produced the audio, adding suitably spooky music and effects. He said, “Jon’s voice was incredible and we were in hysterics the whole time. It was great fun adding the music and effects. The whole thing sounds like a Hammer Horror movie but it’s fascinating to know that these are real locations in Plymouth and Dartmoor. I learnt a great deal about local myths and history doing the research for this. I think Jon enjoyed himself too judging by his manic laughter on the final audio!”

Anyone who is interested in following the “Spook Nav” or just learning about haunted locations in the local area, can download them from the website where a donation to “The Brain Tumour Charity Paul Cupis Fund” can be made.

The Paul Cupis Fund was set up by Paul’s work colleagues and employer – Tamar Telecommunications, with the full support of Paul’s family.

The group aims to raise both awareness and funds through The Paul Cupis Fund. Funds raised will go to The Brain Tumour Charity, to support research into new MRI techniques as well as vital research into brain tumours.

The Paul Cupis Fund is an authorised Supporter Group of The Brain Tumour Charity and raises funds on behalf of the charity (registered charity number 1150054).