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Telephone numbers

Tamar Telecommunications provides a comprehensive range of inbound telephone numbers & solutions, which can help your business portray a professional image when a potential customer or client calls you.

Reasons to pick Tamar Telecommunications:

  • We’ve been trading for over 17 years, we’re here to stay.
  • Comprehensive range of telephone numbers & packages to suit all budgets.
  • Free control panel with all numbers.
  • Range of advanced services, most of which are included free!

Free Control Panel

Gain complete control over your telephone numbers from Tamar Telecommunications.

Number comparison table…

Rental per month £4.99 – £9.99 – £19.99 £14.99 £4.99 – £9.99
Inclusive minutes 500 – 1,000 – 2,000 Unlimited 2,500 – Unlimited*
Landline outside bundle /min 3p 0p 1p – 0p
Mobile outside bundle /min 3p 0p 1p – 0p
Cost from a BT landline /min Free! Landline rate Landline rate
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*Our geographic unlimited plan allows you to receive up to 5 calls at the same time.

Available advanced services

Online control panel
Manage where your numbers divert to, instantly online 24/7.
Invites the caller to leave a message when you can’t take the call. Record your own voicemail greeting and receive recorded messages instantly by email, via the control panel or by dialling in.
Hunt groups
Divert to multiple numbers at the same time or when engaged/not answered.
Welcome announcement
Choose to play a custom welcome announcement to your callers before diverting the call.
Timed diverts
Divert your calls to different numbers automatically, based on the time of day.
Virtual switchboard
Plays a message to callers asking them to choose an option from a menu, the call is then diverted to the relevant department. Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts etc.
Advanced call statistics
Login online anytime to view your call statistics.
Block calls from certain numbers by adding them to your blacklist.
Missed call alerts
Receive email notifications each time you miss a call. Whether your line was engaged or went unanswered, it’s good to know if you’ve missed a call and what the caller’s number was.
Call whisper
Plays a whisper message to the person answering the call, helps to identify what number has been called. For example, “Nottingham Yellow Pages Advert”.

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