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How a Virtual Switchboard Has Helped Parkwood Florists

Carl Eden, Parkwood Florists

Carl Eden, Parkwood Florists


Parkwood Florists is an independent company based in Gillingham, Kent with retail shops in Faversham, Gillingham and Maidstone. With its team of fully qualified florists, the company offers flowers for a variety of gifts and occasions, and also operates a delivery service throughout Kent.

The company needed a telecoms service provider that could support it as the business grew and came across Tamar Telecommunications via the web. A customer, since September 2009, Parkwood Florists currently has five telephone numbers with Tamar Telecommunications.


Initially, the company bought additional non-geographic numbers, those that are not associated with a specific geographic location in the UK and designed to help a business appeal to potential customers across the country. The company found the numbers were far more user friendly than those provided by BT.

Following advice on ways to better attract more customers, Parkwood switched to a 0800 number and saw a significant increase in call volume via the number.

The company has also added the ‘virtual switchboard’ service, which has made a big difference to the operational side of the business. With a main office and four shops the switchboard has enabled the company to filter calls more effectively and better direct them to the relevant department, saving staff time and enabling them to focus on important customers.


• Dedicated services that support Parkwood Florists as it grows.
• Non-geographic numbers more user friendly than BT.
• Virtual switchboard for better prioritisation of calls, saving staff time.


‘All the staff at Tamar Telecommunications are helpful and friendly. Whenever, I am not sure of navigating around my login pages they are always willing to assist. They never seem to be phased by my requests.’

Carl Eden, Parkwood Florists