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How to get a landline for your mobile

A quick and easy guide to get a landline for your mobile phone.

Getting a landline for your mobile phone is very simple. You just need a Virtual Phone Number, sometimes referred to as Mobile Landlines or Cloud Based Numbers. These Virtual Numbers can divert to any existing phone number you choose including your mobile.

how to get a landline for your mobile

You can choose your own Virtual Phone Number by going to our number picker page. There are 1,000’s of numbers for any UK town or city. Once you’ve picked your perfect number simply tell us where you would like it diverted to and we’ll do the rest for you. It takes just one working hour to have your business set up with a professional and affordable Virtual Phone Number.

How much does it cost?

Now you know how to get a landline for your mobile, you can have your business looking professional and established without breaking the bank.

There are two, no fuss tariffs to choose from. Our basic tariff is just £4.99 per month +VAT inclusive of 2500 minutes. If you don’t go over these minutes, you won’t be charged a penny more. Alternatively, you can opt for our industry leading £9.99 per month UNLIMITED tariff. Unlimited really means unlimited with no cap on your minutes for ultimate peace of mind. You can see our full tariff details here.

All our contracts come with a simple 1-month contract. No hidden costs, no long contracts, just simple and affordable solutions for your business.

Stand out from the crowd

Our Virtual Phone Numbers come with over 10, business boosting features, completely free.

This includes Voicemail, so you never miss an opportunity. You can make a personal greeting for your business so when you can’t take a call you can still sound professional to customers. If you want to go even further with a professionally made message from one of our hand selected voiceover artists, visit our voiceovers page .

You also get Hunt Groups included. This allows you to divert to more than one number at a time, perfect for growing teams. Have your calls diverted to as many mobiles and landlines as you need.

Another free feature is Timed Call Diverts . This allows you to set your working hours, let’s say 9-5, your calls will only ring your phone between those hours. Outside of your set working hours your calls can go to another member of staff that is working or to your business Voicemail, meaning you don’t have to be by your phone 24 hours a day to keep up that professional image.

Call Statistics allow you to track how many calls are coming through your Virtual Number, at what times of day and where from. Essential for tracking your offline advertising and keeping track of your business growth.

Other features include Welcome Announcements, Blacklist, Holiday Settings and more. You can manage all your number settings with our Control Panel and App 24/7, giving you the ultimate flexibility to tailor your phone set up to suit you.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to set these up, our customer service team are on hand to help. Rated 5 stars on TrustPilot we pride ourselves in providing all our customers with first class customer care.