Local Phone Numbers

Local phone numbers are great for businesses that provide services to people in their local area and surrounding towns.

More often than not, when we need a plumber, builder, locksmith etc. we want a business that’s local to us. You may well be local to your customers, however, if you only advertise a mobile number without your address, how are they to know?

You don’t need to have a landline installed in your home or office these days. You can save a lot of money by using virtual local phone numbers. The local phone numbers aren’t installed in your property, they are virtual in the cloud.

When someone calls your local phone numbers, the call is diverted to your mobile. If you can’t take the call, it can route to a colleague, or go to voicemail for later.

You can buy local phone numbers for your home town where you are based, as well as your neighboring areas that you work in too. Plymouth for example has the area code 01752, yet just 13 miles away, Tavistock has the area code 01822. It makes sense if you cover both areas, to use both area codes.

If you decide to buy local phone numbers from us, it takes less than 1 working hour to get connected. Simply choose your tariff below, then pick your perfect number.