Remote Call Routing Numbers

Remote Call Routing Numbers are telephone numbers that are specific to a town or city location in the UK (also known as rcf numbers and out of area exchange lines). A Remote Call Routing telephone number for Manchester for example would start 0161, Bristol 0117 and so on.

The Remote Call Routing numbers are ideal for businesses that wish to widen their marketing into neighbouring local areas or to have a local presence across the country without the need for traditional bricks and mortar premises in each town or city. The Remote Call Routing numbers are virtual telephone numbers, which means that there are no expensive line rentals or installation fees to pay. Divert the numbers to your existing landline or to your mobile, meaning that you will never need to miss a call again.

With a Tamar Telecom Remote Call Routing number you can easily control when and where your calls are diverted to instantly online or via the free mobile app. View call statistic reports online to see which numbers are receiving the most calls. Manage your staffing resources by being able to identify your busiest days and times of the day in which you receive the most calls. Add descriptions to your numbers online and generate advertising tracking reports to see how well your advertising is working for you. Just add a different telephone number into each advertisement to track the response rates. By tracking your response rates for each advert, you can take the guesswork out of knowing which adverts work and which you are simply wasting your money on.