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How to start your own business this January…

9th January 2017

How to start your own business this January…

How to start your own business this January…

start your own business

Making the move to start your own business can be very exciting and there is no better time than the new year. With so much competition in today’s market, it’s important to set yourself apart from the crowd. Attention to detail is crucial. Know your target market and utilize all the platforms available to make your business approachable to customers.

It is becoming ever easier to create an online presence for small businesses to market themselves. With social media giving access to millions of potential customers, web design sites making it all the more simple to build fully functional websites, the world is your oyster.

Often overlooked is setting yourself up with the best ways for customers to get in contact with you. Once you have decided if you want to target a specific area or go for a larger, nationwide audience, it’s time to choose a contact number that’s right for you. Tamar Telecommunications has a page dedicated to helping new business startups and giving clear, easy to read advice on what telephone number is right for you and your business.

4th August 2021

Start an online business with this guide

This could be a great time to start an online business. In 2020, the share of UK retail sales which took place online grew to 26.2% – up from 19.4% the previous year. In 2011, that figure stood at just 12%. With each passing year and every shift towards online shopping, there are fresh opportunities…

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29th January 2021

Why small businesses fail (and how to avoid that fate)

Small businesses in the UK have a worryingly high rate of failure. 20% close their doors within twelve months, rising to 60% after three years. Careful founders can significantly decrease the chance of their business becoming a member of the failed majority by paying attention to the reasons why other small businesses have failed, and…

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24th December 2020

6 tips for a better home office setup

Need a better home office setup? Working from home is fast becoming the norm for many. During the first UK coronavirus lockdown, in April 2020, some 46.6% of people in employment worked from home at least some of the time. And for the country’s growing cohort of self-employed people and employees on flexible contracts, home-working…

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