Virtual Landline Numbers

Introducing Virtual Landline Numbers – the contemporary solution for businesses seeking a professional and reliable communication strategy. Break free from traditional limitations and embrace the flexibility of a virtual approach.

What is a Virtual Landline Number?

A Virtual Landline Number provides all the advantages of a traditional landline, but with added flexibility. Your local number isn’t tied down to a physical landline phone, enabling businesses to establish a local presence and project a polished image without the constraints of a physical office.

What’s more, these numbers come with a host of features that turn your business phone number into your very own virtual phone system! You can completely customise your setup with as many or few features as you need, creating your perfect setup to make your business communications work harder for you.

Key Benefits:
Local Presence:

Create a local presence in any region, enhancing your business image and accessibility to customers in specific geographic areas.


Project a professional image with a dedicated landline number for your business, bolstering credibility and trust.


Stay connected on the go. Virtual Numbers aren’t tied to a specific location, allowing you to manage calls from anywhere.

Business Management:

All our numbers come with loads of supercharged features to help you take control of your business. Use our App or Control Panel to set up features like Timed Diverts or Branded Voicemail greetings.

No more surprise late night work calls. With our  Numbers you can set your working hours and have calls go to Voicemail or other members of your team when you’re off duty. You can divert calls to as many staff as you need and even set times to rotate them.

Add Welcome Greetings to your calls to promote your business, add call menus do divert calls to the right departments, you can even use Call Whisper to hear when calls are coming from your business number.

Virtual Landline Numbers are a game changer for businesses and do so much more than just make you stand out from the competition.

We’ve been serving businesses across the UK for over 20 years and have maintained a 5-star rating on TrustPilot. We’re proud to be doing telecoms differently, standing by our brand values of no hidden costs and no long contracts. Professional business phone systems should be for businesses of ALL sizes and we’re continuing to make that possible.

Pick your perfect number below and see for yourself. It’s time to make your business number work harder for you.