A virtual phone number is not a physical fixed landline, but a virtual phone number that can be diverted to another landline, mobile, or a combination of the two.

A virtual phone number brings great flexibility, as well as many advanced line features, usually only available on large expensive telephone systems.

For example a virtual phone number from Tamar Telecommunications can be updated in real time online or via our free mobile app. This means that if you are about to leave the office, you can login to the control panel and change where calls are being diverted to instantly.

If you move office to a different area, quite often your traditional fixed landline provider won’t allow you to take the number with you to your new premises.

If you have been using this number for many years, this could have a huge impact on your customers ability to contact you, let alone all the advertising you have out there with your existing phone number on. With a virtual phone number you can carry on using the number without issue. Simply login to your online account and change where the calls are diverting to.

01 and 02 virtual phone numbers are specific to a town or city location in the UK. A local telephone number for Manchester for example would start 0161, Bristol 0117 and so on.

The geographic numbers are ideal for businesses that wish to widen their marketing into neighbouring local areas or to have a local presence across the country without the need for traditional bricks and mortar premises in each town or city.