Virtual Telephone Line

When you buy a virtual telephone line from Tamar Telecommunications, you get to use a dedicated virtual telephone line for your business calls. Your potential customers may be cautious of a business that only advertises a mobile phone number. By advertising a virtual telephone line, your business immediately comes across as being more established.

Our virtual telephone line service allows you to divert your calls to several mobiles and landlines at the same time, or in a set order. For example if you are in a meeting with a client, just ignore the call and it will move onto your colleagues mobile.

We include a range of useful features with each virtual telephone line at no extra cost. This includes the ability to change where your virtual telephone line diverts to instantly online or via the free mobile app, as well as clever features such as timed diverts. Timed diverts can be set to divert callers straight to voicemail at night and at weekends for example, when you may not want to be disturbed.

You can buy a virtual telephone line for over 650 different UK areas. Search for and order your new business number below and be up and running within one working hour.