Virtual Telephone Numbers

Virtual telephone numbers are telephone numbers that are not physical fixed landlines.

Virtual telephone numbers bring great flexibility, as well as many advanced free features, usually only available on large expensive telephone systems.

For example virtual telephone numbers from Tamar Telecommunications can be updated in real time online or via the free mobile app. This means that if you are about to leave the office, you can login to the Control Panel and change where calls are being diverted to instantly.

Virtual Telephone Numbers grow with your business, allowing you to keep your number should you move offices. You can add more numbers to your account to help track your advertising campaigns and add more staff to take calls as your team expands. Our numbers are designed to be flexible to meet your business needs, helping you connect with your customers.

01 and 02 virtual telephone numbers are specific to a town or city location in the UK. A local telephone number for Manchester for example would start 0161, Bristol 0117 and so on. Simply choose a city on our number picker below, then pick your perfect number. You’ll be taking professional business calls on your new number within 1 working hour!