Local Area Number

Local businesses serving their local area, need a local area number for the areas that they cover. It’s well known that many people like to buy local, use local trades people etc.

If your business is only using a mobile number in your advertising, you could be really missing out on a lot of local work!

Gone are the days of having to get a second landline installed in your home or business premises and paying through the nose for the privilege. You can now get a local area number for your local town or city, without having it physically installed anywhere.

It is now possible to buy a virtual local area number hosted in the cloud, and have the calls diverted to your mobile, or several mobiles, which is ideal if you are a small team.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

When you buy a local area number from Tamar Telecommunications, you get to choose your local area number, as well as the best tariff to suit your business needs. You’ll also get access to over 10 free features.

If you want to buy a local area number, it really is straight forward. Simply choose from the tariffs below, then pick your perfect number. New numbers are usually setup within 1 working hour too, so you will be up and running and ready to advertise your new number in no time at all.