Pocket Landline

A Pocket Landline is a Virtual Phone Number, which doesn’t have a physical line going into a business premises or home. It’s virtual, in other words, in the cloud.

Pocket Landline numbers got their name due to the fact that they divert calls straight to your mobile, and we all carry our mobile phone in our pocket. Hence the term was born of Pocket Mobile.

We can provide a Pocket Landline number for any UK town or city. You can then divert calls to your mobile. In fact, you can divert calls to several mobiles, as well as to landlines too. If there’s two of you in the business, the Pocket Landline can be setup to try you first and then your colleague if you don’t answer. The Pocket Landline number can also be setup to divert calls to both mobiles at the same time.

You can manage how your calls are diverted instantly online, using our free control panel, plus over 10 free features listed to the right, which includes free voicemail.

If you decide to buy a pocket landline, simply select a tariff below, then search for the town or city, then pick your perfect number. New numbers are usually connected within 1 working hour.